Crunch, CRUNCH, YUM!

Crunch, CRUNCH, YUM!

Posted on: February 2nd, 2017 by Kathryn Troutman No Comments

What goes crunch, crunch, yummmm?

You, eating a biscotto.

But I thought they were called biscotti?

Yes, when you have more than one, which we highly recommend, by the way.  Personally, I have not been able to eat just one.

These delicious, oblong, crunchy cookies are called biscotti because they are twice baked.  Here is an Italian language micro lesson for you:  “Bis” means twice, and “cotto” means baked.  Here is an Italian history micro lesson for you:  In ancient times, these twice baked biscuits were more like hardtack than something you delicately dunk into coffee or wine with your pinky finger in the air.  Roman soldiers carried them because they were a long lasting, non-perishable food.  Back in the day, they did not contain sugar either.  They were just basically little rocks that provided calories.  I could go on ad nauseam here, but I won’t.  In short, the hardtack evolved into these delicious cookies we enjoy crunching on today.

We make our own biscotti the old fashioned way (no, not the ancient Roman way) by hand, with all-natural ingredients and twice baked.  Our house-made biscotti are available at the coffee shop in building C.  Our current flavors include: chocolate-almond, fruit & nut, and ginger-apricot.

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